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Selling Success Rule #1

Think about your most recent experience scrolling through your social platform of choice. Did you see a new service, product, or shoppable post that caught your eye? My guess is you did. After all, the goal is to spark discovery!

Over 3.6 billion people use social media. That’s 44% of the world’s population!

Social commerce is one of the most effective tools you can use to blend social experiences with e-commerce transactions. The days of hanging out at the mall have passed us, and now consumers prefer to window shop online and seem to enjoy the convenience of trying on new outfits or hair & makeup trends, and even test out paint colors (I have personally used this & landed on the perfect wall color for my living room without having to stand in front of ten thousand swatches in-store!) and home interior design layouts with augmented reality on social media.

Whether or not you have a love/hate relationship with social commerce, one thing is very clear - it opens the door for consumers to discover & engage with brands they may have never encountered. Shoppers get a frictionless shopping experience on one platform. This seamless experience reduces the chances of customers changing their minds before checkout. So, why should you choose to leverage Livestream, augmented reality, shoppable posts, or an in-app store as part of your marketing strategy? Because it is the future. The sooner you embrace the fact that social commerce is revolutionizing the way people shop, the sooner you stand to benefit. My advice to any new or established business? You can’t afford to sit this one out - Show up where the people are! How to Make the Most of Social Shopping for any business: • Make your posts shoppable and sharable

• Use video to demo your product or service whenever possible

• Create events and invite your followers with bonus incentives for them to tag friends

• Be consistent with your events

• Encourage your followers to participate in product launches or take part in fun shopping games

• Allow shoppers to try on wearable products using augmented reality

*Feel free to contact me by scheduling a free 20-minute Strategy Call. We can discuss options on how we can best work together to take you & your brand to new levels of success!



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