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I am honored to write a recommendation letter for my friend and colleague Patti Reilly. Patti is known for her expertise in Sales Coaching, Branding Techniques and Public Speaking. Patti's communication skills are outstanding and you will find her enthusiasm and positive attitude contagious. Patti Coaches her clients on how to master their skills in Sales, Customer Service, and Communication. When coached by Patti - you will understand when I say "she one of a kind"!

Jackie Pack

VP Sales, Cosmetic Laboratories

Patti Reilly with Jessica Simpson
Patti Reilly for Joy Mangano

It’s rare that you come across extraordinary talent like Patti! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for several months, during which Patti made numerous recommendations for my business including how to improve the look and feel of the website, social media platforms and how to connect with consumers on a deeper level. I was particularly impressed with Patti’s ability to help me get the consumer to see the value in my products and have them recognize how unique and special they are. She also taught me what points to focus on and what the customer needs to know before making a purchase. Oh, and Patti always has a smile on when she talks and it's contagious! As a Brand Strategist and Consultant, Patti earns my highest recommendation!

Yelena Krasny

Founder, Applebiotic Beauty Care


Our experience with Patti exceeded my expectations! As an emerging brand, our marketing budget is small, so every spend matters! Our decision to work with Patti was the right one - we saw in increase in sales, an increase in traffic to our site, and A LOT of new “eyeballs” on our brand! Patti’s experience, insights and coaching have been invaluable. Highly recommended. We will definitely work with Patti again!

Liz Bishop & Molly Argue

Founders, Urja Beauty

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The biggest challenge of owning a small business is trying to become an expert in all the levels it takes to operate, market, and produce a product or service. I was first introduced to Patti through a highly respected associate in the cosmetic industry. I knew that my company was formulating exceptional skincare products, but I felt that we needed help conveying that to prospective customers. Upon our first meeting, I quickly learned that Patti is highly knowledgeable about both marketing and cosmetics. That was something that I can personally say is hard to find. She had done a complete and thorough dive into our products, packaging, marketing, and messaging. She was able to walk my team through a series of actions that would aid us in delivering key messaging that we had struggled to simply deliver to our customers. Beyond Patti’s ability to pinpoint what works in the cosmetic industry, she has an innate gift of delivery.


Her recommendations were done in a methodical way that enabled us to put a plan of action together to reach our marketing and packaging goals. I have gotten to know Patti on a more personal level since our first meeting that developed from her follow-up, phone calls, and emails to make sure we were able to accomplish our set goals. I am thankful for meeting someone that was able to affordably give solid advice and direction in a market inundated with people who claim much but offer little. Patti Reilly is a dependable associate whom I look forward to continuing a relationship with and wish her all the success in her endeavors.

Chrissie Vujevich

President of Sales & Marketing, Vu Skin System

Patti Reilly and Carson Kressley
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