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Shopping Host

As a former QVC Live Shopping Host, it was quite literally my job to sell anything and everything. While the “selling” aspect had little to do with my initial desire to be a host, I learned very quickly that achieving maximum dollars per minute would always trump my natural gift for gab when it came to determining my rank as a host.

Production Crew

This “make it or break it” realization forced me to figure out how to sell in a way that felt natural to me and delivered the results necessary for my job security. It took years of trial and error, but the secret to my eventual success was when I took note of the audience response via sales results and allowed that information to guide me. On livestream platforms like QVC, the audience response is immediate and in real time, so I used that data as my sales compass. In a way, the audience became my sales coach! This strategy taught me to never underestimate the power of connecting through stories and personal experience. By most industry standards, I achieved massive sales success throughout my 11-years on Q, but what I value most is the recognition from the audience as a “trusted shopping authority”.

Today, I utilize my wealth of experience to offer services as a Live Selling Coach & Brand Strategist. I share proven sales techniques that promote intentional brand messaging and help inspire a more meaningful relationship with the customer. I offer training on best livestream practices for anyone that wants to leverage livestreaming events as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and connect more authentically with their audience.


at a Glance

  • 13k+ hours live & unscripted TV selling, viewed in over 180 million homes

  • Presented over 60k products on Live TV

  • Contributed to building a $200 mil/year beauty brand on home shopping TV, later purchased by cosmetic company for $1.2 billion

  • $6 million dollars in 2 hours, for a record-breaking beauty show at $54k/minute

  • Worked with: Joan Rivers, Jessica Simpson, Sara Blakely, Lori Grenier, Suze Orman, Kim & Khloe Kardashian, Paula Abdul, Dr. Wayne Dyer

  • Appeared on: QVC, HSN, QVCUK, The Shopping Channel, Wayfair TV, & co-hosted 9 infomercials

Livestream Selling   coach

and your Branding Strategist

In 2013, I established my own coaching business, which has become a fast-growing credible source for media training, as well as brand strategy & consulting services. When working with clients, it is my driving belief that they make building authentic customer relationships a top priority, and in doing so success is sure to follow.


I abide by my business credo “think like the customer you are” and encourage my clients to do the same. Implemented as a business strategy, thinking like the customer is meant to offer clearer alignment as it pertains to brand decisions and messaging, yet it also reminds you to see and understand things from their perspective. And as we all know, perspective is what determines actions.

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