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  • What is your refund policy?
    Choosing a coach, in any capacity, is not an easy decision - which is why I offer a complimentary Clarity Call to determine if we are a good match to work together. Your purchase of coaching sessions indicates your commitment to follow through with the process. There are no refunds on coaching & consulting services that have already been delivered. Once I spend time with you, I can’t get it back.
  • What are the advantages to selling “live”?
    There are countless advantages for you & your business by selling live, or even simply “going live” without a sales motive. Most people prefer video over static content due to the fact that videos tend to be more interesting, engaging, & informative. As a business or marketing strategy, video affords more control over your brand narrative - you get to tell your story the way it was intended. Leveraging video as a business tool also allows you to bring your products to life and execute demonstrations in real time for your viewers. But perhaps the most valuable aspect of live video for your business is the immediate interaction you have with your audience.
  • It’s my brand and my products, but I have no interest in live selling. Is it okay to hire someone else to live sell my products?
    The short answer is, yes. If you prefer to remain behind-the-scenes, it’s perfectly fine to hire a spokesperson or brand ambassador to host a live event. The key is to set them up for success well in advance of the livestream by providing them with pertinent information on the brand story and product offering, and also offer internal support. As an extension of your brand, a hired spokesperson should be prepared to speak from user-experience with your products, as well as confidently answer any viewer questions.
  • I’m hesitant about being on-camera. How will this class help me overcome my nerves?
    It’s very common to feel camera-shy, especially when it comes to “live” video. You’re in good hands with me! I have worked with thousands of people who expressed the same hesitancy prior to going on live, and I was able to successfully coach them on how to feel more confident about their on-camera presence. And as with most things in life, the more you practice, the easier it becomes.
  • Can you guarantee results?
    I love what I do and I am confident in my ability to help people transform their business by applying the strategies I recommend. However, I have no way of knowing what you will do with the information offered in our sessions, therefore, I cannot guarantee results or increased revenue.
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