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Why You Should Leverage Livestream to Grow Your Brand:

Whether you’re a business owner, product innovator, entrepreneur, or influencer – or whether you’re a big or small business, established entity or just getting started, if you haven’t taken advantage of livestream, you’re missing out on a huge growth opportunity!

Here’s how I know.

As a former QVC Host, where we broadcast live 24/7 to audiences across the country, there was never a time where we lacked viewership. We never experienced the “lights out, no one’s home, shop is closed”, loss of active shoppers that force retailers to shut down. Forget sales here, I’m strictly speaking about viewership - as in people at home watching.

As a business owner, you want people watching you. Following you. Interested in what you do or say. Right? Bottom line – you want eyes on your business. And you may be thinking, “yes, but isn’t that what social media is for? To promote brands & personalities?”. Absolutely! And it works for a lot of brands. The one’s that have millions of followers. The brands that have collabs with the top celebrity influencers. The one’s that make dominating their niche look easy. So, how do you get to that level? While there are many ways to grow your audience, static ads are no longer the best option. Ask anyone you know, inside or outside of your business this question: “Do you prefer to read content or watch video?” and I have a strong feeling that most will agree on video as their top choice. Livestream is a gift to any & all businesses and personal brands. A HUGE gift.

Let me share a few reasons why:

  • Direct & immediate connection to your audience in *real time*

  • Remove any product-to-consumer barriers by bringing your products to life (cuts down on returns!)

  • Time & cost efficient

  • And, my personal favorite reason,

  • Share your story, your way!

That’s the short list of business benefits! Livestream also benefits your audience.

Here’s a look:

  • Immediate access to information

  • Sense of inclusivity & community

  • Convenient

  • Entertaining

  • Hassle-free shopping

If you’re still not convinced, let me share a couple of growing statistics with you.

Experts predict that the global live streaming industry is expected to reach $932 billion by 2028

- Viewers spend 8x longer watching live video than on-demand

- Enjoyment of video increased brand association by 139%

- Global social commerce market to reach $2.9 trillion by 2026

Okay, so now that you understand the value of livestreaming for your business or personal brand, I have one final question:

When are you going live?

Feel free to contact me by scheduling a free 20-minute Strategy Call if you want to discuss options on how we can work together to take you & your brand to new levels of success!



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1 Comment

Dan Shannon
Dan Shannon
Apr 26, 2022

Patti, "one's" is grammatically incorrect...this sort of mistake can negatively affect your credibility.-Dan Shannon in Houston

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