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1:1 Brand Strategy Coaching Call

60 min
Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation
$397 USD

Thank you for your interest in one-on-one coaching! In this call, I will provide feedback on your current business or product branding and identify any areas that need improvement. I will offer actionable strategies that will help improve overall branding & content.

This is for you if:

  • You need someone to see your business through fresh eyes and offer an objective opinion on the look & feel of your brand

  • You want to prioritize the customer experience

  • You want a better grasp on the importance of implementing a Brand Strategy and how it can empower you to build a profitable business model

You can utilize your 1:1 Power Hour by choosing to focus on:



I will evaluate your current position in the marketplace and identify any

actions you need to take to strengthen your brand presence.



We'll take a close look at your content to see if it clearly articulates how

the customer wins by doing business with you.

How are you delivering value to the customer? Is it obvious?



I will provide a proven framework for building a brand or service that connects with your ideal customer.



Having a fresh perspective can help bridge gaps and encourage creative thinking to propel your business forward. If there is any area of your business you need to see through a different lens, I will offer insights based on both my career & life experiences.

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